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  • 2 (8 ounce) cans green beans (i like french cut)
  • 1 (1 lb) package bacon (thin cut)
  • 1 (1 lb) package brown sugar
  • 1 cup pancake syrup


  • I dont know about measurements.
  • This stupid recipe wont do right, it calls for 2 reg sized cans of green beans.
  • Open bacon and separate into strips( you can halve these lengthwise).
  • Open green beans and drain.
  • Pinch up enough brown sugar to fill fingertips, and rub onto bacon (Sugar layer will be slightly thick).
  • Place enough green beans ( about an inch thick.
  • I'm not sure of the amount with french cut, I just eyeball it.
  • with whole green beans, you should only use about 4 or 5) onto the end of sugared bacon strips and roll.
  • Seal with a toothpick.
  • Place seam side down on cookie sheet.
  • Pour syrup over rolls.
  • Cook at about 400 degrees( or higher, your preference) until bacon is cooked through and rolls are candied.