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  1. Chicken And Vegetables In Lemon-Mustard Sauce - olive oil

    Ingredients 1 1/2 tsp. olive oil2 chicken cutlets (1/4 lb. each)1 1/2 tsp. margarine1/2 c. sliced onion1/2 c. sliced carrot1/2 c. sliced celery1/2 c. sliced red or green bell pepper1 small garlic clove, sliced2...Learn More
    olive oilchicken cutletsmargarine
  2. Jambalaya6 Servings - shrimp

    Ingredients 1 lb. shrimp1/2 lb. Italian sausage3 Tbsp. olive oil1 c. chopped red or green pepper1 c. chopped onion1 clove garlic, minced3 c. chicken broth1 1/2 c. uncooked rice2 tsp. salt2 tsp. Worcestershire s...Learn More
    shrimpItalian sausageolive oil
  3. Grape Salad - red

    Ingredients 2 pounds each of red and green seedless grapes8 ounce cream cheese, softened8 ounce sour cream1/2 cup sugar1 teaspoon vanillaTopping1/2 cups brown sugar1 cup medium chopped nutsMethodMix very well t...Learn More
    redcream cheesesour cream
  4. everyday juice - apples

    Ingredients 2 large apples5 carrots1 large red or gold beet with tops1 inch piece of ginger1 oz wheat grassMethodwash and cut produce to fit in juicerjuice wheat grass first to measure 1 oz, if you can't juice ...Learn More
  5. Garlic Sage Pork Tenderloin - tenderloin

    Ingredients 2 pounds Pork Tenderloin, sliced into 1" thick medallions8 cloves Garlic, chopped fresh3 tablespoons Sage, chopped fresh3 tablespoons Rosemary, chopped fresh3 tablespoons Thyme, chopped fresh2 teasp...Learn More
  6. sigs Chilli ,Jalapeno and Red Capsicum Relish. - red

    Ingredients 4 large red capsicums ( red bell pepper)4 large shallots roughly chopped1 red chilli2 jalapeno chilli2 clove garlic500 ml white vinegar3 lb golden brown sugar1 pinch cayenne pepper and chilli powder...Learn More
    redshallotsred chilli
  7. Steamed Perch with Spicy Black Bean Sauce and Three Onion-Bratwurst Noodle Cake - perch

    Ingredients 2 perch (bluegill), scaled, gutted and scoredGrapeseed oil, to cook1 tablespoon fermented black beans, rinsed and chopped1 tablespoon minced garlic1 tablespoon minced ginger2 shallots, minced1 table...Learn More
    perchoilblack beans
  8. French Dressing Vinaigrette - red

    Ingredients 1/4 cup red or white wine vinegar1/4 teaspoon salt1/8 teaspoon white pepper3/4 cup olive oilMethodIn a bowl mix vinegar, salt, and pepper with a wire whisk.Add oil and mix vigorously until well blen...Learn More
    redsaltwhite pepper
  9. Hot Fruit Casserole - apricots

    Ingredients 1 can apricots1 can pears1 can peaches1 can sliced pineapple1 can red or green apple rings1/4 lb. butter or margarine1/2 c. sugar2 to 3 Tbsp. flour, mixed with sugar1 c. cooking sherryMethodLayer fr...Learn More
  10. Grilled Potatoes And Onions - red

    Ingredients 4 whole Medium Red Or Yukon Gold Potatoes2 whole Small Yellow Onions4 Tablespoons Butter1 teaspoon Kosher Salt2 dashes Freshly Ground Black Pepper1-1/4 teaspoon Smoked PaprikaMethodTear 4 sheets of ...Learn More
  11. Oktoberfest Stoup - vegetable oil

    Ingredients 2 tablespoons vegetable oil2 tablespoons butter, cut into pats3 knockwursts, diced into 1-inch cubes3 bratwursts, diced into 1-inch cubes1 red onion, quartered and thinly sliced2 pounds red cabbage,...Learn More
    vegetable oilbuttercubes
  12. Vegetable Tofu Stir-Fry - vegetable oil

    Ingredients 1 tablespoon vegetable oil1/2 onion, sliced2 cloves garlic, finely chopped1 tablespoon ginger, finely chopped8 ounces firm or extra firm tofu, sliced into bite size pieces1/4 cup water2 tablespoons ...Learn More
    vegetable oiloniongarlic