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  1. Belle FowlerS Coconut Pound Cake - Crisco

    Ingredients 1 c. Crisco2 c. sugar2 c. plain flour and 1 tsp. salt, sifted together6 large eggs2 tsp. coconut flavoringMethodCream Crisco and sugar.Add flour alternately with the eggs, ending with flour.Add flav...Learn More
  2. 5 Flavor Pound Cake - cooking oil

    Ingredients 1/2 c. cooking oil2 sticks real butter3 c. sugar5 eggs3 c. plain flour1/2 tsp. baking powder1 c. milk1 tsp. butter flavoring1 tsp. rum flavoring1 tsp. lemon flavoring1 tsp. coconut flavoring1 tsp. v...Learn More
    cooking oilbuttersugar
  3. Pina Colada Jello Salad - pineapple

    Ingredients 1 can (8 ounces) crushed pineapple in own juice1 package (6 ounces) lime gelatin1 1/2 cups boiling water3 tablespoons light rum1 1/2 teaspoons coconut flavoring3/4 cup whipping cream2 tablespoons su...Learn More
    pineapplelime gelatinboiling water
  4. Coconut Pie Filling - sugar

    Ingredients 1 c. sugar1 tsp. coconut flavoring1/3 c. cornstarch3 egg yolks1/4 tsp. salt3 c. milk1 c. coconut2 Tbsp. margarineMethodCook in microwave until bubbly, stirring with a whisk every 2 minutes.Cook unti...Learn More
    sugarcoconut flavoringcornstarch
  5. Coconut-Squash Pie - sugar

    Ingredients 1 1/2 c. grated yellow squash (do not peel)1 c. sugar2 Tbsp. self-rising flour2 eggs1/4 c. margarine2 tsp. lemon flavoring2 tsp. coconut flavoringunbaked pie shellMethodMix ingredients together and ...Learn More
  6. Coconut Pound Cake - shortening

    Ingredients 1 1/2 c. shortening2 1/2 c. sugar3 c. plain flour5 eggs1 tsp. baking powder1/4 tsp. salt1 c. milk3 tsp. coconut flavoringMethodCream shortening and sugar on high speed for about 5 minutes. Turn to l...Learn More
  7. Five Flavor Cake - margarine

    Ingredients 2 sticks margarine1 stick butter3 c. sugar5 eggs3 1/3 c. flour, sifted1/8 tsp. salt1 tsp. baking powder1 c. milk1 tsp. Watkins coconut flavoring1 tsp. Watkins rum extract1 tsp. Watkins butter flavor...Learn More
  8. Five Flavor Cake - butter

    Ingredients 2 sticks butter1/2 c. shortening3 c. sugar5 eggs, well beaten3 c. all-purpose flour1/2 tsp. baking powder1 c. milk1 Tbsp. coconut flavoring1 Tbsp. rum flavoring1 Tbsp. butter flavoring1 Tbsp. lemon ...Learn More
  9. Coconut Pound Cake - yellow cake mix

    Ingredients 1 box yellow cake mix4 eggs1 c. water2 Tbsp. coconut flavoring1 pkg. instant vanilla pudding (small)1 c. cooking oil1 1/2 c. coconut (small can)1 c. water1 c. sugar2 Tbsp. white Karo syrup2 Tbsp. ma...Learn More
    yellow cake mixeggswater
  10. Crunchy Coconut Chocolate Bars - butter

    Ingredients 1 cup butter12 cup coconut milk powder1 12 cups sugar2 tablespoons light corn syrup2 teaspoons vanilla extract12 teaspoon coconut flavoring34 teaspoon salt1 12 teaspoons baking powder2 12 cups all-p...Learn More
    buttercoconut milksugar
  11. Coconut Pound Cake - butter

    Ingredients 1 c. butter (real butter)2/3 c. solid Crisco3 c. sugar5 eggs1 c. milk3 c. all-purpose flour2 tsp. Watkins coconut flavoring1 c. coconutMethodCream together butter, Crisco and sugar.Add eggs, one at ...Learn More
    buttersolid Criscosugar
  12. Coconut Cream Pie - flour

    Ingredients 1/3 c. flour1 c. sugar1/4 c. milk to beat 3 egg yolks in2 c. milk1 small can coconut1 Tbsp. coconut flavoring1 cooked pie shellMethodMix flour and sugar together until well blended.Add 2 cups milk t...Learn More