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Learn oleo - Recipes
  1. Peanut Butter Fudge - peanut butter

    Ingredients 2 lb. peanut butter2 lb. light brown sugar1 1/4 c. evaporated milk1/2 stick oleo1 tsp. vanillanuts (optional)MethodMix sugar and milk together until lumps are dissolved.Boil on low heat.Add oleo, pe...Learn More
    peanut butterlight brown sugarmilk
  2. Yam Bake - yams

    Ingredients 6 medium yams, cooked and peeled1 c. pineapple chunks2/3 c. pineapple juice1/8 tsp. salt1/2 c. maple syrup1/4 c. melted oleoMethodSlice yams and arrange into layers with pineapple in 1 1/2-quart cas...Learn More
    yamspineapplepineapple juice
  3. Wreath Christmas Cookies - oleo

    Ingredients 1/4 c. oleo32 large marshmallows2 Tbsp. green food coloring4 c. corn flakesred cinnamon candiesMethodMelt butter on low heat.Add marshmallows and melt.Add food coloring and stir in corn flakes.Spoon...Learn More
    oleomarshmallowsgreen food coloring
  4. Sweet Potato Pie - sweet potatoes

    Ingredients 3 or 4 sweet potatoessalt to taste2 or 3 eggs1 c. sugar (more if needed)1/4 stick oleo, melted1 tsp. lemon flavoringunbaked pie crustMethodPeel potatoes and slice.Boil in salted water until tender. ...Learn More
    sweet potatoessalteggs
  5. Chicken Casserole - Waverly Wafers

    Ingredients 1 pkg. Waverly wafers1 chicken, deboned1 stick melted oleo1/2 c. chicken broth1 c. cream of chicken soup1 c. sour creampaprikaMethodCrush Waverly wafers in bottom of casserole dish.Debone chicken an...Learn More
    Waverly Waferschickenoleo
  6. Monkey Bread - brown sugar

    Ingredients 1 c. brown sugar1 stick oleo1 c. white sugar1 Tbsp. cinnamon3 tubes refrigerator biscuits, cut into quartersMethodMelt the brown sugar and oleo together and set aside.Mix the white sugar and cinnamo...Learn More
    brown sugaroleowhite sugar
  7. Sour Cream Cake - oleo

    Ingredients 1 c. oleo2 c. sugar2 eggs2 c. flour1 tsp. baking powder1 c. sour cream1/2 tsp. vanilla1/4 tsp. salt1 c. chopped pecans1/2 tsp. cinnamon2 Tbsp. sugarMethodCream together oleo, 2 cups sugar and eggs.S...Learn More
  8. ReeseS Peanut Butter Bar - powdered sugar

    Ingredients 1 box powdered sugar1 1/2 c. graham cracker crumbs2 sticks oleo1 c. peanut butter1/3 c. oleo1 pkg. chocolate chipsMethodCombine sugar, graham cracker crumbs, oleo and peanut butter. Press into a 9 x...Learn More
    powdered sugargraham cracker crumbsoleo
  9. Sweet Potato Casserole - mashed sweet potatoes

    Ingredients 5 c. mashed sweet potatoes, cooked1/2 c. sugar1 stick oleo, melted5 Tbsp. flourchopped pecans1/2 c. brown sugarMethodCook and mash sweet potatoes. Add sugar; mix well and spread in a buttered baking...Learn More
    mashed sweet potatoessugaroleo
  10. Cherry Delight - graham cracker crumbs

    Ingredients 1 1/4 c. graham cracker crumbs1 stick oleo1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese1 c. powdered sugar1 c. Cool Whip1 can cherry pie fillingremaining Cool Whipchopped nutsMethodMelt oleo and mix with graham crack...Learn More
    graham cracker crumbsoleocream cheese
  11. Poor ManS Pecan Pie - sugar

    Ingredients 1 c. sugar1 c. dark corn syrup1 c. uncooked oatmeal1 tsp. vanilla1 c. oleo3 eggsMethodMix first 3 ingredients together and heat until dissolved. Add rest of ingredients and mix together.Pour into un...Learn More
    sugarcorn syrupoatmeal
  12. No Roll Pie Crust - flour

    Ingredients 1 c. flour1 stick oleo2 Tbsp. powdered sugarMethodMelt oleo and mix flour and sugar.Mold in pie pan and bake at 350° for 15 minutes or until brown....Learn More
    flouroleopowdered sugar