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  1. Homemade Baked Beans - beans

    Ingredients 1 bag dried Navy Beans1/2 cup BBQ (see recipe)1/4 cup smoked pork au ju1/2 cup apple cider vinegar1 beef bullion cubeto taste Spices: salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne, garlic salt, onion powder, dry m...Learn More
  2. Tuscan Bean And Bacon Soup - haricot beans

    Ingredients 225 g dried haricot beans100 g dried red kidney beans3 tablespoons olive oil1 small onion, chopped1 small carrot, chopped50 g rindless unsmoked bacon, finely chopped2 garlic cloves, finely chopped11...Learn More
    haricot beansbeansolive oil
  3. New Mexican Green Chili - onions

    Ingredients 2 onions, chopped4 Tbsp. butter1 to 2 lb. beef or pork, cubed2 large cans chopped green chilies1/2 small can chopped jalapenos1/2 c. flour1 Tbsp. garlic powdersalt and pepper6 to 8 Tbsp. cooking oil...Learn More
  4. Beef With Dill Sauce And Horseradish Crust Recipe - Filet Mignons

    Ingredients Four, (6- to 8-oz) filet mignons, about 1 1/2 inches thick2 Tbsp. Unsalted butter1/4 c. Dry bread crumbs3 Tbsp. White prepared horseradish Salt to taste1 Tbsp. Butter1/4 c. Chopped onion2 c. Beef st...Learn More
    Filet Mignonsbutterbread crumbs
  5. Steakhouse knife and fork burgers - cooking oil

    Ingredients 2 tbsp cooking oil1 small onion finely chopped3 clove garlic minced or grated4 oz cream cheese1/2 cup heavy cream1 box frozen spinich; thawed and squeezed dry1/2 cup cremini mushrooms diced3/4 cup g...Learn More
    cooking oiloniongarlic
  6. Spicy Meatball Soup - ground beef

    Ingredients 1 lb ground beef1 large egg, beaten1/3 cup Italian seasoned breadcrumbs1/4 cup grated parmesan cheesesalt and pepper, to taste2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil2 carrots, diced2 celery, diced1 med...Learn More
    ground beefeggItalian-seasoned breadcrumbs
  7. French Dip Sandwich - sirloin

    Ingredients 11/2 pounds sirloin, sliced across the grain on the diagonal bias until very thinSalt and freshly ground pepper to taste2 tablespoons olive oil, plus additional for sauteing2 tablespoons unsalted bu...Learn More
    sirloinsaltolive oil
  8. Chicken and Mushroom Stroganoff With Parsley Noodles - butter

    Ingredients 4 tablespoons butter, softened1 teaspoon minced garlic14 cup minced parsley12 teaspoon salt2 tablespoons cream3 tablespoons olive oil1 14 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts (cut in about 1/2 inch...Learn More
  9. Garlic-Studded Pot Roast - garlic

    Ingredients 1 (4 to 5-pound) sirloin tip roast, netted or tied at 1-inch intervals10 cloves garlic, peeled and halved lengthwise, plus 4 to 6 garlic cloves, peeled1 tablespoon Essence, plus 1 1/2 teaspoons1 1/4...Learn More
    garlicfreshly ground black peppersalt
  10. Beef And Cabbage Soup - olive oil

    Ingredients 2 tbsp olive oil1 None onion, chopped6 cups beef stock2 None carrots, chopped2 stalks celery, trimmed, chopped1/4 head cabbage, trimmed, thinly sliced1 None bay leaf6 None whole black peppercorns9 o...Learn More
    olive oilonionbeef stock
  11. Perfect Pot Roast - vegetable oil

    Ingredients 2 Tbsp. vegetable oil2 c. finely chopped onion2 stalks celery, finely chopped2 c. dry red wine2 Tbsp. tomato paste1 tsp. dried thyme1 bay leaf1 (4 to 5 lb.) beef rump roast2 large carrots, peeled an...Learn More
    vegetable oilonionstalks celery
  12. AmerigoS Chicken Tuscany - marinade

    Ingredients For the marinade1/3 cup olive oil1/3 cup vegetable oil1/4 cup red wine vinegar1 tablespoon lemon juice1/2 teaspoon minced garlic1/4 teaspoon lemon, zest of1/4 teaspoon crushed peppercorn1/4 teaspoon...Learn More
    marinadeolive oilvegetable oil