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  1. Baked Chicken Divan - frozen broccoli spears

    Ingredients 2 pkg. frozen broccoli spears2 cans cream of chicken soup1 tsp. nutmeg2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce1 c. grated Parmesan cheese4 large cooked, boned chicken breasts or equivalent canned chickenMethodCo...Learn More
    frozen broccoli spearscream of chicken soupnutmeg
  2. Chicken N Dressing - fresh hen

    Ingredients fresh hen1 can cream of chicken soup1 can cream of celery soup1 Tbsp. dried celery1 Tbsp. dried onion1 tsp. salt1 tsp. pepper2 Tbsp. sage1 eggMethodPrepare a pan of corn bread.After bread is cooked,...Learn More
    fresh hencream of chicken soupcream of celery soup
  3. Chicken Casserole - chicken

    Ingredients chicken parts (any parts desired)1 carton sour cream1 can cream of chicken soupRitz crackersMethodBoil chicken and pull off bone.Mix sour cream and soup together.Place chicken in dish and pour soup ...Learn More
    chickensour creamcream of chicken soup
  4. Chicken Casserole - chicken breasts

    Ingredients 5 or 6 chicken breasts2 c. chicken broth1 stick butter1 c. sour cream1 can cream of chicken soup1 can cream of celery soup1 bag Pepperidge Farm herb seasoning mixMethodBoil chicken breasts without s...Learn More
    chicken breastschicken brothbutter
  5. Chicken Pot Pie - chicken

    Ingredients 4 pieces chicken breast, split1 large can mixed vegetables1 can cream of celery soup1 can cream of chicken soup1 1/2 c. self-rising flour1 stick margarine1 c. milk1/4 tsp. black pepperMethodBoil chi...Learn More
    chickenmixed vegetablescream of celery soup
  6. Broccoli Soup - cream of mushroom soup

    Ingredients 1 can cream of mushroom soup1 can cream of celery soup1 can cream of chicken soup1/2 stick butter1 large onion2 boxes chopped broccoli3 cans milk1 block jalapeno cheese mild CheddarMethodMelt butter...Learn More
    cream of mushroom soupcream of celery soupcream of chicken soup
  7. Mexican Chicken - chicken

    Ingredients 2 1/2 lb. chicken, stewed, boned and cut up in bite size pieces1 bag plain Doritos2 Tbsp. chopped onions2 c. chopped bell peppers1 Tbsp. chili powder1 Tbsp. garlic powder4 c. grated Cheddar cheese2 ...Learn More
  8. Chicken Tetrazzini - chicken breasts

    Ingredients 6 or 7 boneless, skinless chicken breasts1/2 c. butter or margarine1 or 2 (8 oz.) cans mushrooms2 cans cream of chicken soup2 c. sour cream8 to 10 oz. very thin pasta, broken into small piecesgarlic...Learn More
    chicken breastsbuttermushrooms
  9. Chicken Portabella Slow Cooker Or Oven - chicken breasts

    Ingredients 6 chicken breasts (pounded flat)6 slices swiss cheese or 6 slices gruyere cheese3 slices ham, cut in half3 portabella mushrooms, sliced thin2 tablespoons olive oil1 (10 3/4 ounce) can cream of chick...Learn More
    chicken breastsSwiss cheeseham
  10. Chicken Bake - carrot

    Ingredients 1 cup diced carrot34 cup chopped onion12 cup diced celery14 cup chicken broth1 (10 3/4 ounce) can cream of chicken soup1 cup sour cream3 cups cubed cooked chicken1 (4 ounce) can sliced mushroomssalt...Learn More
  11. Chicken And Dressing Casserole - chicken breasts

    Ingredients 6 chicken breasts1 pkg. Stove Top stuffing1 (10 oz.) box frozen chopped broccoli, thawed1 (10 oz.) box frozen cut carrots, thawed2 cans cream of chicken soup1 soup can milkMethodBoil chicken and cut...Learn More
    chicken breastsStove Top stuffingbroccoli
  12. Easy Chicken Breast Casserole - chicken breasts

    Ingredients 4 chicken breasts, skinned and deboned2 c. water1 can cream of chicken soup1 c. self-rising flour1/2 tsp. pepper1 stick margarine1 c. milkMethodBoil chicken in water until done; cut chicken into bit...Learn More
    chicken breastswatercream of chicken soup