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  1. Pear Relish - green sweet peppers

    Ingredients 4 lb. pears, peeled and cored6 green sweet peppers6 red sweet peppers6 onions1 Tbsp. celery seed1 Tbsp. salt3 c. sugar3 c. vinegar1 Tbsp. allspiceMethodGrind pears, peppers and onions in food choppe...Learn More
    green sweet peppersred sweet peppersonions
  2. JudyS Relish 1984 - ground onions

    Ingredients 4 c. ground onions1 medium head cabbage (4 c., ground)10 green tomatoes (4 c., ground)12 green sweet peppers (bell)6 sweet red peppers (bell)1/2 c. salt6 c. sugar1 Tbsp. celery seed2 Tbsp. mustard s...Learn More
    ground onionshead cabbagegreen tomatoes
  3. Sweet Pepper Relish - red sweet peppers

    Ingredients 12 red sweet peppers12 green sweet peppers12 medium onions12 medium green tomatoes4 Tbsp. salt1 qt. vinegar4 c. sugar1 Tbsp. celery seedMethodCoarse grind or finely chop all vegetables.Add salt; mix...Learn More
    red sweet peppersgreen sweet peppersonions
  4. Onion And Pepper Relish - onions

    Ingredients 6 to 8 large onions, chopped (1 qt.)4 to 5 sweet red peppers, chopped (1 pt.)4 to 5 green sweet peppers, chopped (1 pt.)1 c. sugar1 qt. vinegar4 tsp. saltchopped hot pepper (adjust to taste)MethodTh...Learn More
    onionssweet red peppersgreen sweet peppers
  5. Relish - hot peppers

    Ingredients 2 hot peppers15 green maters15 ripe red maters10 green sweet peppers10 red sweet peppers15 medium sized onions3 cabbage haids2 stalks celery3/4 cuppa salt9 c. brown sugah6 c. vinegah3 boxes picklin'...Learn More
    hot peppersgreen matersred maters
  6. Marinated Vegetables - carrots

    Ingredients 3 carrots, sliced1 c. broccoli flowerets1 c. cauliflower flowerets1 c. small fresh mushrooms2 Tbsp. prepared mustard2 Tbsp. vinegar1/2 tsp. garlic salt1/2 tsp. black pepper1/2 c. oil2 green sweet pe...Learn More
    carrotsbroccoli floweretscauliflower flowerets
  7. Tomato Ketchup - tomatoes

    Ingredients 5 qt. ripe tomatoes1 qt. onions3 red sweet peppers3 green sweet peppers3 red hot peppers3 green hot peppers1/2 c. salt4 c. sugar1 qt. vinegarMethodCut up tomatoesandonions before measuring. Mix and ...Learn More
    tomatoesonionsred sweet peppers
  8. Pepper Relish - red hot peppers

    Ingredients 12 red hot peppers12 green hot peppers12 green sweet peppers12 red sweet peppers15 medium onions, chopped3 1/4 c. sugar1 pt. vinegar1 tsp. saltMethodRemove seeds from all peppers.Combine vegetables ...Learn More
    red hot peppersgreen hot peppersgreen sweet peppers
  9. Relish - red sweet peppers

    Ingredients 6 red sweet peppers6 green sweet peppers8 hot peppers2 medium cabbage12 carrots12 medium onions12 ears corn1/2 c. salt3 pt. vinegar6 c. sugar2 Tbsp. black pepper2 Tbsp. celery seed2 Tbsp. mustard se...Learn More
    red sweet peppersgreen sweet pepperspeppers
  10. Kraut Salad - can kraut

    Ingredients 1 lg. can kraut1 lg. onion, chopped3 or 4 lg. pieces celery (1 to 2 c sliced thinly)1 to 2 lg. green sweet peppers, choppedRed pimento pepper1/2 c oil1 c sugarMethodMix together; let set overnight....Learn More
    can krautonioncelery
  11. Corn Relish - corn

    Ingredients 12 ears corn2 stalks celery2 medium onions1 qt. cider vinegar2 c. sugar2 small hot peppers (optional)5 large red sweet peppers5 large green sweet peppers1 Tbsp. ground mustard2 Tbsp. salt1 Tbsp. mus...Learn More
    cornstalks celeryonions
  12. Agnes Pear Relish - pears

    Ingredients 1 pk. pears4 green sweet peppers4 c. vinegar1 Tbsp. salt1/2 tsp. ground mustard8 red sweet peppers, chopped6 medium onions2 lb. sugar (or desired)1/2 tsp. celery seed1 tsp. turmericMethodChop pears ...Learn More
    pearsgreen sweet peppersvinegar