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  1. Beef And Vegetable Bolognese Casserole - oil

    Ingredients 1 tablespoon oil2 onions peeled and finely diced1 clove garlic peeled and finely chopped1 1/4 pounds ground beef1 pinch cayenne pepper15 ounces chopped tomatoes2 tomatoes diced1/4 bunch fresh thyme ...Learn More
    oilonionsclove garlic
  2. Ropa ViejaOld Clothes - flank steak

    Ingredients 2 pieces flank steaksalt and pepper1 diced onion1/2 green pepper, sliced3 teeth of garlic, chopped fine2 bay leavesoregano1 (16 oz.) can whole tomatoes1 (15 oz.) can tomato saucedash of sugarolive o...Learn More
    flank steaksaltonion
  3. Baked Eggplant With Tomato And Cheese Recipe - eggplant

    Ingredients 1 x Eggplant, (about 400 g)1 tsp Salt1 x Onion, peeled and sliced1 Tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil3 lrg Ripe tomatoes, skinned and minced1 c. Water2 x Additional Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil10 x Fresh ...Learn More
  4. Chili - olive oil

    Ingredients 2 Tbsp. olive oil1 large onion, chopped1 clove garlic, minced1 green pepper, chopped1 lb. ground turkey1 lb. ground beef1 (28 oz.) can crushed tomatoes2 fresh jalapeno peppers, chopped (optional)2 (...Learn More
    olive oilonionclove garlic
  5. Green Pepper Mousse - green peppers

    Ingredients 6 green peppers, about two pounds, seeded and chopped1/2 cup chopped celery or fennel2 tablespoons butter1 small onion, sliced1 envelope unflavored gelatin2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice1/4 cup boil...Learn More
    green pepperscelerybutter
  6. Vegetable Barley Soup - barley

    Ingredients 1/2 c. barley (long or quick cooking)2 qt. meat stock or canned broth (low-sodium)1/2 c. diced carrots1/2 c. diced celery1/2 c. diced onion1 lb. can whole tomatoes (low sodium), drained, or 3 to 4 m...Learn More
    barleymeat stockcarrots
  7. Six Layer Dinner - potatoes

    Ingredients raw, sliced potatoes1/2 c. raw rice1 lb. hamburger or any chopped meatchopped onionssliced carrots1 qt. or less canned tomatoessalt and pepperMethodIn a deep casserole, place potatoes.Sprinkle with ...Learn More
  8. Son-Of-A-Gun Stew - veal

    Ingredients 1 pound veal sweetbreads1/2 pound veal brains1/4 pound beef suet1 1/2 pounds veal kidneys, cut into small pieces1 pound veal heart, cut into small pieces1 pound calves liver, cut into small pieces2 ...Learn More
    vealveal brainssuet
  9. Big Island Stew - ground beef

    Ingredients 2 lb. ground beef2 onions, sliced1 green pepper, chopped1/4 c. oil1 can red kidney beans1 tsp. steak sauce1 (32 oz.) can tomatoes1 can whole corn1 can string beansbasildried mustardsalt and pepperMe...Learn More
    ground beefonionsgreen pepper
  10. Tomato-Caviar Salad - tomatoes

    Ingredients 6 medium tomatoes, peeled1 tsp. saltdash of pepper1 (3 1/2 oz.) jar black caviar1/4 c. mayonnaiselettuceMethodHollow out tomatoes slightly, at stem end, sprinkle with salt and pepper.Drain.Chill in ...Learn More
  11. Roasted Tomato or Tomatillo Salsa - Serrano chiles

    Ingredients 2 serrano chiles2 large garlic cloves4 medium-size ripe tomatoes, or 4 large tomatillos1 small onionSalt1 limeHandful of cilantro leaves, choppedMethodHeat a skillet over medium-high heat.Put the wh...Learn More
    Serrano chilesgarlictomatoes
  12. Halibut Baked With Sauerkraut - cooking spray

    Ingredients cooking spray4 (4 ounce) portions of halibut filletsalt and ground black pepper to taste4 cups sauerkraut, drained (such as Claussen(R))1 cup diced tomatoes1 teaspoon malt vinegar (optional)MethodPr...Learn More
    cooking spraysaltsauerkraut