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  1. Milk Chocolate Pound Cake - milk chocolate

    Ingredients 4 (1 5/8 ounce) milk chocolate candy bars1 yellow cake mix1 (3 1/2 ounce) vanilla instant pudding mix1 cup sour cream1/2 cup vegetable oil4 large eggs1 teaspoon vanilla extract2 teaspoons powdered s...Learn More
    milk chocolateyellow cakevanilla instant pudding
  2. Chocolate Panna Cotta With Strawberry Topping - vanilla yogurt

    Ingredients 1 2/3 cups vanilla yogurt3 oz milk chocolate, melted, cooled1/2 tsp vanilla bean paste2 tsp powdered gelatinNone None Strawberry Topping9 oz strawberries, hulled, quartered1 tbsp powdered sugar1 tbs...Learn More
    vanilla yogurtmilk chocolatevanilla bean paste
  3. Chocolate Chunk Cheesecake - vanilla cookies

    Ingredients 1 c. (12) crushed cream filled vanilla cookies2 Tbsp. Parkay margarine, melted3 (8 oz.) pkg. Philadelphia brand cream cheese1/2 c. packed brown sugar1 tsp. McCormick Schilling vanilla extract4 eggs1...Learn More
    vanilla cookiesParkay margarinecream cheese
  4. Chocolate Square Oatmeal Cookies - flour

    Ingredients 3/4 c. sifted all-purpose flour1/4 tsp. salt1/2 c. granulated sugar1 egg1 1/2 c. Quaker oatsmilk chocolate bars1/2 tsp. soda1/2 c. brown sugar1/2 c. soft shortening1/2 tsp. vanilla1/4 c. chopped nut...Learn More
  5. Yummy SMores Dessert - graham cracker squares

    Ingredients 12 graham cracker squares4 (1.55 oz.) milk chocolate bars12 marshmallows, cut in half horizontallyMethodOn 6 heatproof dessert serving plates, place 2 graham crackers side by side.Cover crackers wit...Learn More
    graham cracker squaresmilk chocolatemarshmallows
  6. Caramel Sundae Cookies - butter

    Ingredients 2/3 cup Land O Lakes Butter, softened1 cup firmly packed brown sugar1 Land O Lakes Egg1 teaspoon vanilla1 2/3 cups all-purpose flour1 teaspoon baking soda1/4 teaspoon salt3/4 cup milk chocolate chip...Learn More
    butterbrown sugaregg
  7. Gluten Free Double Chocolate Brownies - butter

    Ingredients 6 Tablespoons Butter3/4 cups Chocolate Chips1 cup Brown Sugar1/4 teaspoons Salt1/3 cups Applesauce1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract2 whole Lightly Beaten Eggs3/4 cups Rice Flour1/4 cups Potato Starch1/4 cu...Learn More
    butterchocolate chipsbrown sugar
  8. Chocolate Fruit - milk chocolate

    Ingredients 2 12 cups milk chocolate melts2 medium bananas, sliced thickly250 g strawberries34 cup dried apricotMethodGrease an oven tray and line with baking paper.Place melts in microwave safe bowl cook on me...Learn More
    milk chocolatebananasstrawberries
  9. KareS Toffee - butter

    Ingredients 1 lb. butter (not margarine)1/4 c. water2 small packs slivered almond pieces2 c. sugar2 Tbsp. clear Karo syrup2 (1/2 lb.) Hershey milk chocolate barsMethodMelt butter and sugar in a pot, then add wa...Learn More
  10. Amarettini Candy - Italian almond cookie

    Ingredients 150 g amarettinis (Italian almond cookie)75 ml Amaretto (almond liqueur)150 g milk chocolateFor garnish25 g white chocolate or 25 g dark chocolateMethodPlace the amarettini in a freezer bag and crus...Learn More
    Italian almond cookiemilk chocolatewhite chocolate
  11. White Chocolate, Irish Cream & Berry Trifle - sponge cakes

    Ingredients 2 sponge cakes, layers300 ml cream, thickened1/3 cup icing sugar500 g mascarpone cheese1 cup irish cream80 g white chocolate, grated80 g milk chocolate, grated2 cups frozen mixed berrieschocolate cu...Learn More
    sponge cakescreamicing sugar
  12. White Chocolate Zombie Eyeballs - white chocolate

    Ingredients 6 ounces white chocolate1 teaspoon green-tinted cocoa butter1 teaspoon red-tinted cocoa butter6 ounces dark chocolate6 ounces milk chocolate10 ounces heavy cream1 teaspoon dark espresso syrupMethodT...Learn More
    white chocolategreen-tinted cocoa butterred-tinted