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  1. Cabbage Slaw - cabbage

    Ingredients 2 medium heads cabbage, shredded1/2 green pepper, diced1/2 c. diced onion1 small jar pimentos, diced1 tsp. celery seed3 tsp. salt1/2 tsp. pepper3/4 c. salad oil3/4 c. vinegar1 1/2 c. sugarMethodHeat...Learn More
    cabbagegreen pepperonion
  2. Calico Salad - chopped kraut

    Ingredients 1 can chopped kraut1 medium onion, chopped1 small green pepper, chopped2 canned pimentos, chopped1/2 c. vinegar1/2 c. sugar or slightly less artificial sweetener1/4 c. salad oil1 tsp. salt1 tsp. cel...Learn More
    chopped krautoniongreen pepper
  3. Shrimp Casserole - shrimp

    Ingredients 1 lb. small shrimp4 stalks celery, cut in small pieces4 oz. jar pimentos, sliced or red pepper instead8 oz. can water chestnuts, sliced1/2 lb. Swiss cheese, grated (low sodium)1/4 c. scallions, chop...Learn More
    shrimpstalks celerypimentos
  4. Macaroni And Cheese - macaroni

    Ingredients 1 (8 oz.) pkg. macaroni1 c. mayonnaise1 can mushroom soup1/4 c. onion1/4 c. pimentos1 lb. medium cheeseMethodCook macaroni.Add other ingredients and mix....Learn More
    macaronimayonnaisemushroom soup
  5. Crab Casserole Ala E. Hoffman - cream cheese

    Ingredients 1 lb. cream cheese1 small can chopped pimentos1/4 lb. butter1/2 pt. heavy cream2 (7 oz.) cans crabmeat6 oz. finest noodlesdash of pepper and a few drops Worcestershire1/2 c. sherryMethodMelt cream c...Learn More
    cream cheesepimentosbutter
  6. Green Noodle Chicken Casserole - chicken

    Ingredients 1 chicken or 4 breasts, cooked and cut up2 c. dry spinach noodles, cooked1 can sliced water chestnuts1 can mushrooms1 can cream of chicken soup1 can Cheddar cheese soup1/2 c. white wine (optional)1/...Learn More
    chickennoodleswater chestnuts
  7. Moms Kraut Relish - Kraut relish - sauerkraut

    Ingredients 1 quart (950 ml) drained sauerkraut1 4 oz (112 grm). can pimentos, chopped1 cup (225 ml) celery, chopped1 cup (225 ml) onion, chopped1 large bell pepper, chopped3/4 cup (175 ml) sugarMethodMix well ...Learn More
  8. Chicken Casserole - stuffing mix

    Ingredients 1 pkg. (8 oz.) seasoned stuffing mix1 1/2 sticks margarine, melted2 cans cream of celery soup1 (5 oz.) can Milnot1 c. chicken broth2 c. diced, cooked chicken1/2 c. diced celery1/4 c. diced onion1 c....Learn More
    stuffing mixmargarinecream of celery soup
  9. Salmon Salad - mayonnaise

    Ingredients 1/8 c. mayonnaise8 oz. sour cream1 small bunch parsley, chopped fine1 bunch green onions, chopped fine1/2 small jar pimentos1/2 small can chopped black olives1/2 c. smoked salmon (fresh or frozen)Me...Learn More
    mayonnaisesour creamparsley
  10. Mexican Chicken - Doritos

    Ingredients 1 large pkg. Doritos (plain)1 fryer, boiled and deboned2 cans cream of chicken soup1 small jar pimentos, diced1/2 Tbsp. chili powder1 jalapeno pepper, chopped1/2 c. chopped onion1 small can green ch...Learn More
    Doritosfryercream of chicken soup
  11. Italian Green Vegetable Salad - Peg corn

    Ingredients 1 can Shoe Peg corn (white)1 can diced pimentos1 large can small peas1 large can French-cut green beans1/2 c. vinegar1 tsp. salt1 c. sugar1/2 c. oil1 tsp. pepper1 c. celery, chopped1 c. green onion,...Learn More
    Peg cornpimentospeas
  12. Classic Tuna Noodle Casserole - Campbells®

    Ingredients 1 (10.75 ounce) can Campbell's(R) Condensed Cream of Celery Soup or Campbell's(R) Condensed 98% Fat Free Cream of Celery Soup1/2 cup milk1 cup cooked peas2 tablespoons chopped pimentos (optional)2 (...Learn More