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  1. Spaghetti Salad - thin spaghetti

    Ingredients 2 lb. thin spaghetti20 oz. Italian dressing1 bottle Salad Supreme (McCormick)1 chopped green pepper1 chopped onion3 large cloves garlic, crushedMethodCook spaghetti; drain.Put dressing and Salad Sup...Learn More
    thin spaghettiItalian dressingSalad Supreme
  2. Pasta Salad - thin spaghetti

    Ingredients 1 lb. real thin spaghetti, broken into small pieces1 green pepper, chopped small1 red onion, chopped small1 cucumber, remove center and chop small2 tomatoes, chopped smallMcCormick Salad Supreme (1/...Learn More
    thin spaghettigreen pepperred onion
  3. Spaghetti Salad - spaghetti

    Ingredients 1 lb. spaghetti1 chopped green pepper1 chopped cucumber2 chopped tomatoes1 bunch green onions, chopped1/2 jar Salad Supreme1 jar Italian dressingMethodCook spaghetti and wash. Drain well.Add all ing...Learn More
    spaghettigreen peppercucumber
  4. Linguini Salad - linguini noodles

    Ingredients 1 lb. linguini noodles1/2 to 3/4 bottle McCormick Schilling Salad Supreme3 tomatoes, chopped3 cucumbers, with seeds removed, chopped16 oz. bottle your favorite italian dressing1 large onion, chopped...Learn More
    linguini noodlesSalad Supremetomatoes
  5. Linguine Salad - cooked linguine

    Ingredients 1 lb. cooked linguine, break into 4ths1 green pepper, chopped1 onion, diced1 cucumber, diced1 jar black olives, sliced1 jar green olives, sliced1 tomato, diced1/2 jar McCormick Salad Supreme1 pt. It...Learn More
    cooked linguinegreen pepperonion
  6. Spaghetti Salad Recipe - spaghetti-vermicelli

    Ingredients 1 pound spaghetti">vermicelli or possibly thin spaghetti1 lg. (16 ounce.) bottle Italian salad dressing1 med. onion1 tomato1 green pepperYour choice of cucumbers, mushrooms, broccoli, and cauliflowe...Learn More
    spaghetti-vermicelliItalian salad dressingonion
  7. Spaghetti Salad - cucumbers

    Ingredients 2 cucumbers, diced2 tomatoes, diced1 large red onion, diced1 (16 oz.) bottle Italian dressing1 (2 oz.) container Salad Supreme1 1/2 lb. spaghetti, boiledMethodBoil spaghetti.Add remaining ingredient...Learn More
    cucumberstomatoesred onion
  8. Salad Supreme - macaroni twists

    Ingredients 1 lb. macaroni twists1 jar McCormick Salad Supreme1 large can stewed tomatoes1/2 c. chopped green pepper1 large onion, chopped2/3 c. salad oil1/2 c. sugar1/2 c. cider vinegarMethodCook macaroni and ...Learn More
    macaroni twistsSalad Supremetomatoes
  9. Spaghetti Salad - Italian dressing

    Ingredients 1 pound spaghetti -- cooked and drained8 ounces zesty Italian dressing1 bottle Salad Supreme (yellow lid)Mushrooms -- slicedavocado -- dicedred onions -- choppedMethodCombine dressing and salad supr...Learn More
    Italian dressingSalad Suprememushrooms
  10. DianeS Pasta Salad - Salad Supreme

    Ingredients 1 bottle McCormick Salad Supreme1 (16 oz.) bottle Zesty Italian salad seasoning1 lb. linguine2 tomatoes1 onion, chopped1 green pepper, choppedMethodCook and drain pasta.Mix all ingredients and marin...Learn More
    Salad SupremeItalian salad seasoninglinguine
  11. Spaghetti Salad - spaghetti

    Ingredients 1 lb. spaghetti1 small bottle Kraft Zesty Italian dressing1/2 bottle Salad Supreme (dry mix)2 large cucumbers, finely chopped2 large green peppers, chopped3 large tomatoes, chopped1 medium red onion...Learn More
    spaghettiItalian dressingSalad Supreme
  12. Pasta Salad - cooled

    Ingredients 1 lb. spaghetti, cooked, drained and cooled1 large onion, diced1 cucumber, diced1 large tomato, diced1 green pepper, diced1 small bottle Italian dressing or 1/2 large bottle1/2 jar Salad Supreme (sp...Learn More