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  1. Easy Quick Chili - ground beef

    Ingredients 1/2 lb. ground beef1 pkg. mild taco seasoning1 can kidney beans1 can Italian tomato soup1/2 c. waterMethodBrown ground beef.Add remaining ingredients.Bring to a boil.Reduce heat.Simmer 15 minutes.Se...Learn More
    ground beeftacokidney beans
  2. Copper Pennies - carrots

    Ingredients 2 lb. sliced carrots1 tsp. mustard1 can tomato soup2 medium onions1 tsp. golden Worcestershire sauce1 small green pepper3/4 c. sugar1/2 c. salad oil3/4 c. vinegarMethodCook carrots.Layer carrots, gr...Learn More
    carrotsmustardtomato soup
  3. ShepherdS Pie - ground beef

    Ingredients 1 lb. ground beefmashed potatoestomato souponioncut green beans, drainedcheeseMethodBrown meat and onions.Add tomato soup and beans; stir. Grease casserole dish and layer meat mixture and potatoes.T...Learn More
    ground beefpotatoestomato soup
  4. Marinated Carrots - carrots

    Ingredients 2 bunches carrots1 c. sugar1 can tomato soup1 tsp. salt1/2 c. oil1/2 c. vinegar1 tsp. mustard1 tsp. pepperMethodPeel, pare, boil (until still firm, but a fork can pierce) and drain carrots.Boil othe...Learn More
    carrotssugartomato soup
  5. Spaghetti - ground beef

    Ingredients 2 lb. ground beef2 tsp. salt1/2 tsp. black pepper1 tsp. chili powder1 tsp. Worcestershire sauce1 (8 oz.) can tomato sauce2 bell peppers2 medium onions2 cans tomato soup2 cans cream of mushroom soupM...Learn More
    ground beefsaltblack pepper
  6. Shrimp Mold - unflavored gelatin

    Ingredients 1 pkg. unflavored gelatin1 can tomato soup1 medium onion1/2 c. bell pepper1/2 c. celery3/4 c. mayonnaise2 cans chopped shrimp1 small can tunaMethodDissolve gelatin in tomato soup; let cool.Mince oni...Learn More
    unflavored gelatintomato souponion
  7. Cabbage Roll Casserole - ground beef

    Ingredients 1 lb. ground beef1 large onion1 small head cabbage1 can tomato soup1 can water1/4 c. raw riceMethodBrown groundbeefandonion, then combine 1/4 cup of rice. Cutcabbage.Place1/3on bottom of casserole. ...Learn More
    ground beefonioncabbage
  8. Shipwreck - onions

    Ingredients 2 whole Large Onions2 whole Large Potatoes, Peeled1 pound Extra Lean Ground Beef2 whole Large Carrots, Chopped1 cup Celery, Chopped1/2 cups Long Grain Rice10 ounces, fluid Can Of Tomato Soup10 ounce...Learn More
    onionspotatoesground beef
  9. PoppaS Chili - tomato soup

    Ingredients 2 cans tomato soup1/2 bottle (8 oz.) ketchup2 lb. ground chopped meat1 medium onion1/2 stalk celery1 small green pepper2 spoons spicy brown mustard1 can light-colored kidney beans1 loaf French bread...Learn More
    tomato soupketchupground chopped meat
  10. MomS Shrimp Mousse - unflavored gelatin

    Ingredients 2 envelopes unflavored gelatin1 can tomato soup3 oz. cream cheese1 c. mayonnaise1/2 c. chopped green pepper1/2 c. finely chopped onion1/2 c. finely chopped celery2 (4 1/2 oz.) cans small shrimp or 1...Learn More
    unflavored gelatintomato soupcream cheese
  11. NelleS ShepherdS Pie - ground round

    Ingredients 1 lb ground round or 1 lb ground beef1 small onion, diced1 (12 ounce) can condensed tomato soup1 (15 ounce) can green beans, drained2 -3 cups prepared mashed potatoes1/2 cup cheddar cheese, gratedMe...Learn More
    ground roundoniontomato soup
  12. Cabbage And Rice Casserole - butter

    Ingredients 1/4 cup butter or 1/4 cup margarine2 cups uncooked rice1 head cabbage6 carrots2 lbs lean ground beef or 2 lbs ground turkey1 small onion (chopped)1 teaspoon salt1 can tomato soup1 3/4 cups waterMeth...Learn More