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Learn warm water - Recipes
  1. GrannyS Smothered Southern Style Pork Chops - pork chops

    Ingredients 8 medium pork chops, washed and dried2 cups all-purpose flour3 tablespoons shortening (Crisco is best)4 cups warm water1 tablespoon seasoning salt1 tablespoon ground pepperMethodSeason the 8 pork ch...Learn More
    pork chopsflourshortening
  2. My Favorite Dinner Roll - active dry yeast

    Ingredients 1 pkg. active dry yeast1/4 c. warm water1 c. boiling water1/3 c. vegetable shortening3 Tbsp. sugar1 tsp. salt1 egg1/2 c. dry milk3 1/2 to 4 c. all-purpose flourMethodSoften yeast in the 1/4 cup warm...Learn More
    active dry yeastwarm waterboiling water
  3. Velvet Biscuits - yeast

    Ingredients 1 package dry yeast1/3 cup warm water (105° to 115°)1 cup warm milk (105° to 115°)5 to 6 cups all-purpose flour, divided3 eggs, beaten2 tablespoons butter or margarine, melted1/4 cup sugar1 1/4 teas...Learn More
    yeastwarm waterwarm milk
  4. Pepperoni Pizza - cooking spray

    Ingredients Sauce:Cooking spray2 garlic cloves, minced1 teaspoon dried oregano1/4 teaspoon salt1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper1 (8-ounce) can no-salt-added tomato sauce1 tablespoon minced fresh parsleyCrust:1 1...Learn More
    cooking spraygarlicoregano
  5. Eagle Brand Milk - nonfat powdered milk

    Ingredients 1 c. plus 2 Tbsp. nonfat powdered milk1/2 c. warm water3/4 c. sugarMethodPlace warm waterinbowl.Add dry milk and mix well. Add sugar and mix until smooth.After mixing, allow to set in refrigerator f...Learn More
    nonfat powdered milkwarm watersugar
  6. Sausage Kolaches Klobasnicky - warm water

    Ingredients 1/4 c. warm water2 pkg. yeast1/2 c. sugar1 c. warm milk1 3/4 c. flour (I use Pillsbury for best results)1 Tbsp. salt2 1/4 c. flour1/2 c. Crisco1/4 c. warm milk2 egg yolkssausageMethodBeat first 5 in...Learn More
    warm wateryeastsugar
  7. Cranberry Bread - flour

    Ingredients 2 c. flour1/4 c. warm water2 Tbsp. oil1 tsp. grated orange rindwalnuts (optional)1 egg, slightly beaten1 c. sugar2 tsp. baking powder1/2 tsp. baking soda1 1/2 tsp. salt1 c. cranberries, cut in half1...Learn More
    flourwarm wateroil
  8. Yeast Rolls - flour

    Ingredients 2 c. self-rising flour1/4 c. shortening1/4 c. sugar3/4 c. warm water1 pkg. yeastMethodFollow directions on yeast package for dissolving yeast in water.Mix all ingredients together and roll out like ...Learn More
  9. Kahlua Cupcakes - olive oil

    Ingredients 1/2 cup olive oil3/4 cup pumpkin puree1/2 cup cocoa powder1 1/2 cups granulated sugar1 tablespoon vanilla extract1 tablespoon espresso powder3 eggs, at room temperature1/2 cup warm water1/2 cup Kahl...Learn More
    olive oilpumpkin pureecocoa powder
  10. Pizza - yeast

    Ingredients 1 yeast cake1/4 c. warm water1 Tbsp. sugar4 c. flour3 Tbsp. olive oil1/2 tsp. salt1 1/2 c. waterMethodDissolve yeast with 1/4 cup warm water and sugar.Mix together next 4 ingredients.Mix with yeast;...Learn More
    yeastwarm watersugar
  11. Cheese-Caraway-Egg Twist - yeast

    Ingredients 1 pkg. dry yeast3/4 c. warm water1 Tbsp. sugar1 egg1 tsp. salt1 c. grated sharp cheese2 Tbsp. caraway seed2 1/2 c. sifted flour (about)MethodIn a large bowl, sprinkle yeast into warm water; stir unt...Learn More
    yeastwarm watersugar
  12. Dinner Rolls - flour

    Ingredients 3 c. plain flour1 tsp. salt1 1/2 Tbsp. yeast1/2 c. warm water1/4 c. sugar1/4 c. shortening1 egg1 c. warm milkMethodMix flour and salt; set aside.Mix yeast, water and sugar; set aside.Mix shortening,...Learn More