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  1. Canyon Ranch Caramelized Pineapple Bisque - chili powder

    Ingredients 1 tablespoon Ancho chili powder1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil1 cup diced yellow onions2 cups fresh diced pineapple2 1/2 cups water2 1/2 cups vegetable stock1 teaspoon fresh cilantro stems1 tables...Learn More
    chili powderextra-virgin olive oilyellow onions
  2. Rice Noodle Salad With Fresh Vegetables And Herbs - rice noodles pack

    Ingredients 1 rice noodles pack, vermicelli or spaghetti style1 red pepper large, julienned1 large carrot julienned1 cucumber seeds removed, julienned1 bunch scallions sliced1 handful mung bean sprouts1 cup sna...Learn More
    rice noodles packred peppercarrot
  3. Ahi Tuna Recipe - vegetables

    Ingredients With Summer Greens And Vegetables1 x to 1 1/2 pounds fresh ahi tuna2 c. port wine2 c. tamari sauce1 sm piece fresh ginger root, sliced5 x cloves garlic, crushed1 Tbsp. coarsely grnd black pepper1/3 ...Learn More
    vegetablesfresh ahi tunaport wine
  4. Cream Of Broccoli Soup - butter

    Ingredients 4 Tbsp. butter or oil1 1/2 c. chopped onions4 c. chopped broccoli1 c. broccoli flowerets1 tsp. salt (less to taste)2 1/2 c. water or stock2 c. milk1/2 c. sour cream of plain yogurt1 bay leafpinch of...Learn More
  5. Buddha Bowl With Grilled Tofu And Gluten-Free White Beer - White gluten-free

    Ingredients 454 g (1 block) of tofu2/3 cup White gluten-free beer (I like to use Glutenberg)1/2 cup Orange juice1/2 cup Rice vinegar1/2 cup Gluten-free tamari sauce1 tablespoon Ginger, finely chopped3 cloves Ga...Learn More
    White gluten-freeorange juicerice vinegar
  6. Lemon Soy Dipping Sauce - soy sauce

    Ingredients 4 fluid ounces dark soy sauce4 fluid ounces lemon juice1 fluid ounce seasoned rice vinegar1 teaspoon Tamari sauce1 teaspoon mirin1/2 inch piece grated fresh ginger1/2 inch piece grated fresh galanga...Learn More
    soy saucefluid ounces lemon juicefluid
  7. Aromatic Roast Fish - chunky white fish

    Ingredients 4 x 4 oz. chunky white fish fillets, like cod or haddock2 garlic cloves, sliced2 pieces jarred ginger, chopped, plus 1 tbsp ginger syrup from the jar8 Peppadew peppers from a jar, drained and sliced...Learn More
    chunky white fishgarlicginger
  8. Shrimp Oriental - sesame oil

    Ingredients 2 tablespoons dark Oriental sesame oil10 cloves garlic, smashed, peeled and quartered lengthwise3 bunches scallions, white part cut in 1-inch pieces; greens cut across thinly to make 1 cup3 medium-s...Learn More
    sesame oilgarlicbunches scallions
  9. WubbaS Nutty Rice Noodles - rice noodles

    Ingredients 1 package rice noodles thick style, resembling spaghetti noodles1/2 cup almond butter more or less to taste to cover noodles1 tablespoon Sriracha sauce1 tablespoon wheat free Tamari sauce1/2 cup cor...Learn More
    rice noodlesalmond buttersriracha sauce