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  1. Comeback Sauce - garlic

    Ingredients 3 small crushed garlic cloves1/4 c. ketchup1 c. Miracle Whip1/4 c. chili sauce1/2 c. Wesson oil1/2 tsp. dry mustardpepper to tasteTabasco to tastelemon juice to tasteMethodSmall recipe makes around ...Learn More
  2. Cilantro Chili Cocktail Sauce - garlic

    Ingredients 1 tbs garlic or to taste1/2 C diced red onion1/4 C fresh cilantro12 oz chili sauce (ketchup isle)1/4 C fresh limeSriacha rooster sauce to taste1/4 C horseradish to tasteMethodBlend all ingredients a...Learn More
    garlicred onionfresh cilantro
  3. Brisket And Rice Noodles With Pineapple Salsa - kosher salt

    Ingredients 1 tablespoon kosher salt1/2 (8.8-oz.) package thin rice noodles1/2 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, and finely chopped1 1/2 small Kirby cucumbers, seeded and sliced1/3 cup thinly sliced red onion2 ta...Learn More
    kosher saltthin rice noodlespineapple
  4. Raw Vegetable Dip - mayonnaise

    Ingredients 1 c. mayonnaise1/8 tsp. thymedash of pepper2 Tbsp. grated onion1/4 tsp. curry powder1/2 tsp. salt2 Tbsp. chili sauce1 Tbsp. tarragon vinegarMethodMix all ingredients together and chill....Learn More
  5. Shrimp Dip - shrimp

    Ingredients 1 can tiny shrimp, drained and rinsed1/2 c. chili sauce1 (8 oz.) pkg. cream cheese1/2 c. Miracle Whip1/4 c. minced onion or 1 tsp. onion powderMethodLet cheese soften.Blend with chili sauce.Add Mira...Learn More
    shrimpchili saucecream cheese
  6. Ilahs Swiss Steak - flour

    Ingredients 2 12 lbs round steaks, trimmed of fat13 cup flour18 teaspoon black pepper3 tablespoons olive oil1 cup water12 cup chili sauce1 medium onion, sliced13 cup stuffed olives, slicedMethodCut meat into bi...Learn More
    flourblack pepperolive oil
  7. Strawberry Bbq Sauce - strawberries

    Ingredients 4 cups strawberries, chopped1/2 cup chili sauce1/4 cup apple cider vinegar3 cloves garlic, mincedMethodIn a large saucepan over medium heat, combine half of the strawberries, the chili sauce, vinega...Learn More
    strawberrieschili sauceapple cider vinegar
  8. Cream Cheese and Clam Dip - clams

    Ingredients 12 cup clams, Minced or 6 12 ounces clams, minced, drained1 cup cream cheese, softened18 teaspoon hot sauce1 teaspoon lemon juice14 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce2 tablespoons clam juice1 tablespoon ...Learn More
    clamscream cheesehot sauce
  9. Shrimp Arnaud - shrimp

    Ingredients 1 x shrimp frozen bag1/4 cup peanut oil1/4 cup vinegar white1 tablespoon chives chopped1 tablespoon chili sauce2 teaspoons prepared mustard hot1 each garlic cloves medium1/4 teaspoon paprikaMethodCo...Learn More
    shrimppeanut oilVinegar [white]
  10. Barbecued Beef Chili - chili powder

    Ingredients 7 tsp. chili powder1 Tbsp. garlic powder2 tsp. celery seed1 tsp. coarsely ground pepper1/4 to 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper1 fresh beef brisket (3 to 4 lb.)1 medium green pepper, chopped1 small onion, cho...Learn More
    chili powdergarlic powdercelery
  11. All Season Grilled Chicken - chili sauce

    Ingredients 1 1/2 cups chili sauce3/4 cup red wine vinegar1 1/2 tablespoons prepared horseradish2 cloves garlic, halved1 teaspoon salt4 bone in chicken breastsMethodMix chili sauce, vinegar, horseradish, garlic...Learn More
    chili saucered wine vinegarhorseradish
  12. Beer And Chili Brisket - beef brisket

    Ingredients 4 lbs beef brisket, fat removed2 medium onions, sliced2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil6 ounces chili sauce6 ounces beer1 bay leaf1/4 teaspoon rosemary1/4 teaspoon oreganosalt and pepper, to tast...Learn More
    beef brisketonionsextra-virgin olive oil